The Somali Football Federation [SFF], is the governing body of football in Somalia. The SFF was officially founded in 1951, but according to the history football was a well-known sport that was played in Somalia in 1920s.

The Somali Football Federation has been affiliated to FIFA since 1962 and affiliated to CAF since 1968. The SFF is also member of the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations [CECAFA] Somalia has been member of the CECAFA since the regional Africa Football ruling body was officially formed in 1973; therefore, SFF is one of the founding associations of CECAFA.

Somali Football Federation has also been member of the Union of Arab Football Associations [UAFA] since it was established in 1974. So again SFF is one of the founding members of UAFA.

The competitions that Somali Football Federation organizes each year include: The National League which composes of three different events, First, Second and third divisions, the General Da’ud Cup which is the second most-watched sporting event in the country after the National Division A League, the National Youth League for U 15s and as well as Supper Cup which is contested by the National Division A League winners and the winners of General Da’ud Cup.

Other competitions the SFF organizes are: The Schools tournament, the district level youth tournament, the regional tournament which is participated by teams representing all regions in the country, and as well as the Inter-State football tournament which is contested by the five States affiliated to the federal government of Somalia and the Banadir region where the capital Mogadishu is located.

Another tier [The Regional leagues] is an annual regional football league organized by the football associations in the regional states of the Federal government under the auspice of Somali Football Federation. This is the newest football event in the country and was first launched in 2016.

Somali Football Federation Media Department